Editorial Policies

The Reviews on Life Science encourages and looks forward to submissions of original research, reviews, commentaries, perspectives, case reports and public education on disciplines related to science, life, and health care.

We look forward to submissions that initiate and foster a dialogue between and across disciplines and offer novel concepts. Submissions that encourage and set a framework for further research are particularly welcome. The site encourages and welcomes submissions from young researchers, primary care and general practice clinicians, journalists, sociologists, anthropologists, ethicists, policy makers, grassroots workers and others working in disciplines that maybe connected with science, life and healthcare. The site welcomes submissions of Masters and Doctoral Level Dissertations.

The site provides open access to the material on the website and authors retain ownership of their articles. The open access license allows for other researchers to share and adapt the material subject to certain conditions.

Submissions to the site are subject to interactive discussions to further improve the manuscript or to clarify certain points. These discussions aim to maintain acceptable and high standards of research and research reporting. Readers of the articles form a peer review group that critically analyze your research; we do not aim to restrict reviews only to subject experts but open up the review process to a larger group of stakeholders. The site allows readers to comment on individual articles and we expect authors to respond and initiate a polite, meaningful discussion. We encourage authors and readers to see this platform as a shared learning process.

We expect authors to self regulate themselves, to maintain research integrity and to make full disclosure of any competing or financial interests or conflicts of interest. We expect that all authors listed in the manuscript have contributed meaningfully to the design and conduct of the research and are accountable for all aspects of the work.  We recommend that all authors review and become familiar with the requirements to be an author on a manuscript.

We expect and recommend registration of clinical trials in an appropriate registry prior to the enrollment of the first subject. We encourage and expect the seeking of appropriate informed consent and approval from an Institutional Ethics or Research Review Board prior to any human or animal research. Authors are encouraged to make full disclosure and to state reasons if these have not been possible.

We will offer support to develop a research design and help with statistical methods.  Authors who wish to avail these services may send an email to lifesciencejournals.blog@gmail.com for further details.