Types of Articles


Original Research Articles  report on the design, methods, results and interpretations of scientific research. The text may be up to 5000 words with a structured or unstructured abstract, up to 5 tables or figures and up to 40 references. These articles try to answer specific questions, will have a statement or question that describes the aim of the research (the hypothesis or question), the material and methods used to answer the research question, will present the findings or results and provide an interpretation and application of the results.

Brief Reports, Case Reports or Case Series usually describe one or more patients or members of a single family. The text is limited to 3000 words, a maximum of 3 tables or figures and up to 30 references. Case reports or case series can be used to describe symptoms and signs, interventions and outcomes of intervention, or natural progression of interesting clinical scenarios. Case reports often form a basis for further research.

Problem solving manuscripts provide a step by step process for decision making. These articles may consider clinical  or public health scenarios. The author describes the reasoning behind each step in the decision making process and describes how the process evolves as new information emerges, as in a real life situation. The text is usually limited to 4000 words and up to 25 references.

Review articles are evidence based reviews of topics related to all aspects of science and life. These may consider clinical, public health, diagnostic tests, ethics, policy, economics, anthropology, sociology and other related areas. These articles clearly state the problem that is considered, the strategies and evidence, areas for further exploration and uncertainty, may include guidelines from professional societies as applicable, and provide interpretations and recommendations from the author. The text is limited to 5000 words, up to 50 references and up to 6 tables and figures.

Perspectives and Commentaries are brief opinion pieces that cover a wide range of topics of relevance to science, health care and life. The text is limited to 3000 words and up to 30 references.  Perspectives and commentaries are often the springboard to initiate dialogues and debates to further explore the concepts presented.

Public Education Series are articles that cover a wide variety of topics relevant to science, health care, society and life. These articles aim to demystify science and provide information to the public in easy to digest form for application by the public. These articles may cover ethics, human rights, policy and also disseminate information on clinical and public health decision making processes.

Musings and Reflections focus on the changing landscape of science, health care and policy over a longer period. These may be solicited or unsolicited articles that offer a personal perspective on the changes that have happened and continue to happen through a professional career or through the eyes of a “non healthcare professional” stakeholder including those who have received care or been associated with aspects of science and healthcare..