Research Methods- A Basic Primer

A series of short presentations and articles on the basic steps to develop a research protocol and do research. This is a primer (and not a very in depth source) that can be used primarily for quantitative health care research; however, some of the elements can cross cut across other disciplines as well.

The Primer is born out of my experience doing research, some coursework, listening and learning from peers and listening and learning from those who consented to be subjects for my research.

Feel free to critically analyze, adapt or adopt and distribute freely under the common creative license terms. I personally recommend that you view this as a springboard to research further on the concepts mentioned and further strengthen your research capabilities.


  1. The Research Hypothesis
  2. The Research Question
  3. Research Aims and Review of Literature
  4. Research Variables
  5. Dummy Tables
  6. Data Collection Forms
  7. Study Designs
  8. Study Population
  9. Bias
  10. Study Measures
  11. Sample Size- Assumptions and Estimation
  12.  Select the appropriate statistical tests
  13. The Informed Consent
  14. A Research Protocol Template