Open Access Research Protocols

My way of giving back to the patients and research subjects who helped me grow, to the teachers who showed me several ways, to my peers who gave me motivation, to friends and often nonplussed family, to the academic and non academic environment.

This section will provide access to several open access research protocols that you can use for your research. These are free to use and adapt based on your context.

A few caveats.

  1.  Each protocol will have a date of development noted. Please do a review of literature and ensure that the information is up to date and the protocol is relevant before you start the research
  2. The protocols are not meant to use as part of a “cut and paste” approach. They provide a template. Adapt the template to your situation and context.
  3. The protocols come complete with an adaptable data entry sheet (in MS Excel)
  4. These protocols aim to mentor and guide you through the process of research.
  5. The protocols are primarily aimed for post graduate and undergraduate students  of any stream of medicine and nursing, for community health workers and for health care practitioners in settings that do not have access to research guidance, especially those in the government and non government sectors. Some of these maybe adapted by individuals with an interest in health as well. 
  6. The protocols will focus primarily on issues relevant to India and other developing countries and aim to build an evidence base relevant to these countries.
  7. Protocols may be cross disciplinary and will usually have a pragmatic approach.
  8. These are open access, free to use and you may acknowledge the source as per the creative commons license. I am not keen on any personal acknowledgement. You retain ownership of the work you do. 
  9. Assistance for statistical analysis of your data based on these protocols will be provided on request. Such assistance will be done on a “Dakshina” basis- you can choose to pay nothing for it, or choose to pay something for it. Your choice and voluntary. 
  10. On last look (captcha based), I was still considered to be human so there may be errors that creep in. Please look over with a critical eye and do let me know of any corrections or errors that you may find. I will appreciate that.


Research Protocols


  1. Stillbirths-An open access research protocol