Stillbirths-An open access research protocol

This is a basic research protocol that can be used to explore incidence and associated risk factors for stillbirths in an obstetric setting. A draft protocol, a draft data entry sheet in MS Excel and a few reference articles are attached.

Please note that

  1. This is a basic protocol and we encourage investigators to adapt the protocol to their needs based on the facilities they have in their setting. This may include adding more variables as relevant.
  2. Methods of measuring variables are not mentioned as these may change with time. Will recommend investigators to document the methods they use and ensure they are of acceptable standards
  3. Definitions Change with time and hence I am not providing an exhaustive list of definitions. I recommend you cross check acceptable definitions when you do the study.
  4. Do your research ( I am providing just a few reference articles), Use the reference articles to further expand your research (and questions), discuss with your peers and seniors before you decide to start the research
  5. Obtain appropriate regulatory approvals
  6. Obtain informed consent.


Date of Development and Posting to Website: Nov 5, 2017

Research ProtocolStill Births

Data Entry SheetStillbirths

Selected Reference Articles

GAPPS review BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth

Global data Lancet Wang et al

Joseph et al BJOG


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