The Informed Consent

Obtaining consent (informed consent) is a fundamental non negotiable part of human research. This does not mean the process of obtaining a signature on a sheaf of papers. It means informing and educating the subject about your research, why you will like to include them, the potential benefits and risks, offering them alternate choices, clarifying their concerns and reassuring them that the quality of care you offer them will not in any change based on their decision to participate or not, and then, and only then requesting their consent to be part of the research. 

I believe in this. Honestly, I grew into believing in this process with a passion.

I am sharing a document that I go through before I consolidate my research protocol and use to develop an appropriate informed consent form. Use this as a springboard. As medical practice “advances”, newer ethical dilemmas may arise and newer concerns may have to be addressed.

Informed Consent


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