Study Measures

In earlier posts, we looked at Study Designs, Study Population and Bias.

Let us move on to a very important part of the research. The Study Measures.

The Study Measures include the processes and procedures that are used to ascertain or measure the different variables of interest.

These may include demographic variables  (How do you ascertain age, for example), may include the development of a unique subject ID (How do i number subjects in the study- just as 1,2,3 etc or as an alphanumeric ID), past history, details of past and current illnesses, measurement of various parameters (blood pressure, blood sugar etc). Note that every variable that you include in the research study is subject to some form of ascertainment.

What you ascertain, How you ascertain, When you ascertain, Where you ascertain, Who ascertains are all important to answer the research question.

I am sharing a presentation that I work through when I develop any research project (no matter how many times I have developed research studies or done them). I think it is OK to spend some time revisiting than to regret later (and that I can say with conviction from my own experience).

Feel free to critically analyze, adapt or adopt these. As usual, please do your own research on the information!

Study Measures

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