Data Collection Forms

We have looked at

  1. The Research Hypothesis
  2. The Research Question
  3. Research Aims and Review of Literature
  4. Research Variables
  5. Dummy Tables

Moving on, I usually take time here to create my Data Collection Forms.

The data collection form is where i note down or document the data that I collect. I like taking quite a bit of time to develop this. Why do i do that? I have found, often to my dismay, that a poorly developed form does not give me the data I need to answer my question. Often, this comes to light when I sit down for the analysis and then have to spend quite a bit of time watching my hair go different shades of Grey. Believe me, a poorly designed form leads to a lot of hassle when you try to analyze.

Personally, i loop the form back to my list of variables, my dummy tables, my research question and aims.

I want to collect only as much information as is necessary to answer my question. I do not want to collect information that I may not analyze now.  Let me confess that when i started off, I would collect more information based on the premise that “anyway I am with the person of interest, let me collect as much as i can, i will use later what is not necessary now”.  I can state that I have very very rarely revisited or used any such extraneous data. A waste of resources including time, paper, ink besides which I feel a disrespect to the person who consented to share data. I grew over a period of time to collect only what I will use now.

I am sharing a few thoughts on the data collection forms.

Data Collection Form



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