The Research Question

We have looked at the importance of developing a focused research hypothesis. 

The research hypothesis leads to the research question.  Are they really different? I look at both as sort of mirrors to each other. The research hypothesis is a statement. When this statement is phrased as a question, we get the research question. Needless to say, the hypothesis and the question have to reflect each other. 

A not so uncommon error, if i may call it an error, is to state a particular hypothesis and then state a research question that does not reflect the hypothesis in entirety.  You may wonder if that is really a problem, but i have found this particular aspect often misleading me and bringing in a lot of noise when i am dothe study. Refining your hypothesis and question brings in a lot of focus and discipline (both of which are good for scientific studies).

I am sharing some aspects i work through when I frame my research question. Please feel free to critically analyze and then use/adapt as you wish.

Research question




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