Research Aims and Review of Literature

We have looked at the research hypothesis and the research question. I will like to share two aspects that I usually work on after this.

  1. The research Aims or Objectives
  2.  Review of the pertinent literature

I consider these 4 (the hypothesis, the question, the aims and literature review) as part of an interlinked cycle. Each part can help to refine and strengthen the other parts; a weak link can weaken the entire chain of links.

The literature review is an important part. Approach that with an aim to understand more about your research interests. Do not limit yourself to searching only for evidence that can strengthen your ideas, search for conflicting ideas as well. That will help you refine your hypothesis, question and aims.

Personally, my experience has taught me that the research moves well when I have these 4 areas well thought out. I am sharing some thoughts pertaining to the research Aims and review of literature.

Research Aims

Review Literature



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