The conception of this site

Personal experiences on the journey through healthcare have shaped the development of this site. It has been a long journey from a medical student to a practitioner to a researcher and now possibly a state of reflection.

Healthcare and science are dynamic and always in a state of evolution. Some of this happens slowly, some of the evolution is quite rapid and some are in short intense bursts. However, healthcare and science do not remain static and continue to push the boundaries. 

It is not always that healthcare professionals get a chance to continuously update their knowledge. This maybe especially true for those who work in low resource settings without access to scientific journals or the logistical support to take time off for conferences or workshops. This may especially be true for the individual practitioner in rural or remote areas. 

There is a need to improve awareness of changes in healthcare and science among the general public as well. Needless to say, the general public are the most important stakeholders in health care. After all,  it is their health that gets impacted by changes or lead to changes.

We aim to bridge the divide between Science, Healthcare, those who explore and practice these and the general public. We hope this can be a springboard for a dialogue among all stakeholders and will lead to more coherent development that is focused on a holistic view of communities and societies. 

These are small steps in a long journey, an exciting travel. Welcome, aboard!
Praveen Nirmalan

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